Let's Go Over How To Edit your app on the Fly! - As simple as filling out an online from. 

Breaking down each part of the form and how it shows up and looks like live.

Let's Build Your App!

step 1

Getting Logged In

Once Account has been created you will be given a username and password to be able to login to access your business web app/profile card. This typically will be done within 3-5 business days depending on our current work load.

As of now accounts are manually created because the considerable amount of work that needs to be done to create your account to work as a progressive web app and be linked to your specific dynamic link and qr code. 

Not sure where to find it you can Click Here to access the login page!

step 2

After Login

Once Logged in you will be taken to your account homepage. Here you will click on "My Profiles" to display your profile or profile cards.

step 3

Let's Get To Editing

As you can see here you will see your profile card. There are two link options on the profile card. You will want to click "EDIT" to be taken to the edit form.

The View Button will show what the card look like live.

step 4

The Easy to Use Edit Form

You will instantly be taken the the edit form. This is where the magic happens! You will be able to edit and add to your profile page. Here we will break down which each part of the form does and populates on the live version of your profile page/app.

step 5

Names and Identification

You will start off by selecting a category. This currently is very basic which is stating if this is for person or business use. You are also able to select Featured if you are wanting to show up on the Live Examples list for others to be able to view your web app live.

Listing Title is simple to identify the title of the page. This currently populate as part of your URL name.
Profile Name is to showcase your full name.

Company Name will show up on the card as your company name.
How simple is that? 

step 6

Profile & Header Image

Your Profile image is one of the most important images on your page. This will either be a profile image of you or the logo of your company which ever you feel better showcases your business as to who and what you are. It is as simple as clicking or tapping on the Browse button to upload whatever image you like. We do suggest that the image be a square image as it will automatically set to be a circle form. 

NEW! Profile Link is where you can now make your profile image link out to an external link such as an introduction video or external page that can go into much details of who and what you do. Imagine being able to to speak to a potential new client with a video explaining what you do and why they need your services!

Header image is just that and uploaded image the be placed as the background header of your profile card/app.

step 7

Bio Let's Get to Know You!

Another critical piece to your App Profile Page is a solid introduction and bio text area. Here you can get as detailed as you'd like to explain and highlight about yourself and your business and services. Don't be shy! People need to know what and what you do and why!

step 8

Let's Connect!

One of the most important things about your digital business card is how your clients and customers are able to connect with you. This is why is is displayed on the very top as a stick menu so that this bar of icons is visible no matter how far you scroll down on the page.

step 9

Your Photo Showcase!

What is a website if you aren't able to showcase your products and or services! Images are worth a thousand words! Here we allow you to add the perfect amount of 12 images. Enough to get variety but not too many to overwhelm the viewer. Make sure you are selective and make these count!

step 10

Custom Link Buttons

Here's a fun section of your page. Customize these link buttons to showoff the most important assets and call to action.

step 11

Hours & Map

Almost Done! These items are completely optional but important pieces to have for must businesses. Both very simple to fill out to have added to your page. Simple fill out for it to show. Map can be generated to be for a general location or the exact address of your storefront or building. Keep in mind any option that you leave blank simply will not show up on the card. That's it make sure to click or tap on the SUBMIT button to save.

From there you can click on the profile card "view" link to view your page live!

You can come back to this form and edit as often as you need to making sure you hit the submit button each time you want to update or make changes to your card. Have fun! We can't wait to see what you do with your progressive web app!