Wealth with God
Wealth With God
with James Baker

Are you ready to learn how to steward your money with God and use it for the Kingdom?

We have over a thousand Kingdom Wealth Builders just like you going through this program, and we get multiple testimonies every single day.

I'm so excited for you to go through this course week by week, and learn how to use your finances for Kingdom purposes.

No more living paycheck to paycheck...

No more being worried and stressed about finances...

Access to your Courses: Click here.

How to Access your Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Every week you will have a group coaching call on Zoom where you can ask questions on any of the coure lessons.

Zoom is free to join, and you can use the mobile app or a normal computer to join in!

Here is the Zoom Link you can re-use for every single zoom call:


Meeting ID: 963 4610 3122

Passcode: 1122

Dial in Option: +1 929 205 6099

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