Scott Reece
Scott Reece
Lead Pastor For River City Church

Scott Reece is the lead pastor of New Hope Church. He has a unique passion for motivating people towards lasting change and strives to inspire them with his unique brand of leadership. He ministers with a candid, fiery, and fun style that God has used to bring the Gospel across this nation and around the world.

Pastor Scott served in the US Air Force, has an Associate of Arts in Bible from Christ For the Nations, A Bachelor of Religious Arts in Christian Psychology from Jacksonville Theological, a Master of Theology from Christian Life School of Theology, as well as a Masters in Strategic Leadership from Life Pacific College in San Dimas, California. He is currently a Doctoral student at The King's Seminary in Dallas, Texas.

Scott is married to Michelle and together they have six children, Jessica, Jordan, Lauren, Joseph, and twin girls, Kate and Isabella. He is an avid Atlanta Falcons fan, as well as the Atlanta Braves, and enjoys being a part of the UGA Bulldog Nation. In his spare time, you can find him walking around 18 holes, looking for a little white ball.

God has ordained that His children walk successfully in life! In the pages of scripture, we discover that the principles of victory are within reach of every believer. This book draws out the truth of the Word and brings application to help you live everyday in the authority and power that God has made available to you!


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