Katie Noel
Katie Noel
Grow Local Now - The Tap App

Greetings, I'm Katie, Co-Founder of Grow Local Now and the Innovator behind the Tap App. My mission is to deliver refined, high-performance, and professionally crafted online platforms tailored to the diverse needs of any business, exemplified by the showcase here. This digital card can be effortlessly crafted by individuals in a matter of minutes through the user-friendly online form.

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The Tap App

The newest member of our Digital Family is The Tap App. We are excited to present this extremely powerful combination of services. We promise you it's like NOTHING you've seen before. We feel it will be one of the most beneficial marketing tools you could own for your business.

Scan. Tap. Save. Share.

Our digital app pages couldn't be easier to share! They save to any mobile device just as a native app work right to your home screen!

These app pages are an all in one solution and work as a mini-website, landing page, app, and digital business card...that you have full access to to 24/7 to customize your way! Saving you several hundreds and even THOUSANDS of Dollars!

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Hello! Make sure to save this app to your home screen!

Simple to save directly to your phone and share out to others.

Once saved to phone, hold down icon and tap on how you’d like to share with others!