Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson
Founder of Quad City Bartenders & Servers

So much to offer and give, not enough time in this world to give enough of it

Quad City Bartenders & Servers

This private Facebook group is a service line for all who are in or want to become employed in the service industry. Quad City Bartenders & Servers is here for job openings & availability for bartenders and servers, cooks, and other bar and restaurant employment needs. This is an ideal place for communication about several topics, being events in the QC, problems with customers, fake bills, problem customers, etc. There will be no harassment permitted in this group and all complaints/reports will be addressed immediately. If someone is reported within this group for harassment of any kind, they will be removed and banned from the group. I hope that this group has provided and continues to provide for everyone, the service and help that they either need or have been able to provide.
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